Sport-Specific Training

We are re-training the foundation of the body by correcting compensation patterns and faulty alignment. Re-building and re-stabilizing the body to be as efficient as possible.

Therapy and exercises are only efficient if the body can maintain and hold the corrections or adjustments, otherwise, it is waiting for injury to occur.

APR is where strength training and therapy intersect

We provide a movement pattern that both works on deep strengthening/stabilizing while addressing injury. Athletes’ performance improves substantially, and sustainably, keeping them ahead of the game for much longer.

APR benefits athletes of all disciplines

Our team has worked with a large variety of sports and athletics teams as well as individual athletes and trainers – the principles of APR can be applied universally. Some examples of athletes that benefitted from APR include:
  • Gymnastics teams
  • Alpine sports athletes
  • Olympic athletes
  • Football players (CFL)

Don’t see your sport?

Contact the APR team to learn how we can help you improve your game and stay ahead of the pack while protecting your body.