Hockey Performance & Recovery

Our copyrighted “Hockey Performance and Recovery” Program (HPR) is customized to the individual player, position and addresses hockey-specific demands.

Hockey Performance and Recovery (HPR) encompasses Pilates, movement therapy and neural recovery methods to improve stability, mobility, alignment and decrease risk of injury.

Our goal is to address chronic injuries, re-balance players physically and neurally, and amplify their strength and conditioning in order to create a healthy and sustainable athlete. 

By working on correcting muscular imbalances, improving stabilizers, dynamically lengthening the body and decompressing joints, we optimize the effectiveness, proficiency and safety of each athlete and keep them as high functioning as possible.

For neural recovery, we include breath work, meditation techniques and modalities (such as Frequency Specific Microcurrent) to calm the nervous system.

HPR is also meant to support the transition from a player’s traditional therapy/injury recovery to their strength and conditioning training. 

The program is designed to be sport specific by understanding the latest research on hockey injuries, as well as the physical and psychological demands of the sport. 


Why Hockey Performance and Recovery?

for safe and sustainable optimal performance

HPR gives players the edge by addressing specific weaknesses and skills

  • Understanding the patterning of a player's shooting and skating
  • Flexibility and control
  • Decreasing risk of injury by correcting muscular imbalances

HPR “fine-tunes” movement by addressing

  • Strength and mobility in every movement/exercise
  • Deep core strength and stabilization (especially through hips and shoulder complexes)
  • Addressing individual weakness and misalignments
  • Hockey specific exercises

HPR breaks down exercises to each position’s specific needs with specialized classes for

  • Defensemen
  • Wingers
  • Centers
  • Goalies

HPR addresses the most common hockey injuries

  • Groin Injuries
  • Shoulder Injuries
  • Ankle/High Ankle Sprains
  • Knee Injury

HPR’s movement system is based on

  • Pilates
  • Neuromuscular Training
  • Proprioception and Balance Training

HPR adapts & specializes training to each phase of the season

  • Pre-season (camp)
  • Season
  • Playoffs

HPR keeps players on the ice

Players are constantly training the same patterns, which means you need someone to consistently re-train their alignment muscularly and skeletally to prevent injury.

We have the SPECIALTY & FOCUS to correct and “fine tune” vulnerable patterns which restores balance.