what we offer

Athlete Training services

APR services are as diverse as the sports and athletic challenges they seek to correct. Our programs can be customized and individualized to help protect athletes of any discipline.


Correction, prevention, and performance improves to keep players on the ice.

Sport Specific Training

With customizable contracts & training schedules, we come TO your team with professional equipment and years of experience.

Athlete Recovery

Never lose momentum with APR instructional videos and materials that can help any athlete, any time.

The APR advantage

  • Highly-customizable contracts of 3 month minimums can be suited specifically to your team’s schedule and needs, with week-long in-person training at the top of each month.
  • Private sessions are both available and customizable to the needs of the team upon consultation with coaches and trainers.
  • No equipment required! Over $7000 of professional equipment is provided even at the most basic level and is left with the team to be used as frequently as required for the duration of the contract.
  • Never lose momentum with training video packages and audio tapes for guided visualization and mental relaxation sessions to be conducted anytime, anywhere.