What our clients have to say


Working with Natasha has completely changed my off-season training. Before I would be mainly focused on leg and arm strength, but her method of focusing on strengthening the core and and move out from there adds so much more productivity in the training and pushes my body to higher limits. 

Before training with Natasha, I would feel like I was missing a key piece to my development in the gym. The different mindset of training my low core and different parts of my body adds such a better type of strength for hockey. 

My favourite part of training with Natasha was her focus for making me feel better and stronger after every session. She is a very smart and nice person, making it easy as a new person coming in to working with her. 

I chose to work with Natasha because of the small instruction I had while working at the Duckett Performance Centre. She has a great understanding for a hockey player’s strength needs and recovery. I wanted to push myself to a better level and I felt she could do that for me. 




With my experience working with Natasha I noticed huge improvements with my hips and back. Before working with her I consistently struggled with tight hip flexors and lower back stiffness. After doing her exercises on a consistent basis I noticed vast improvements. I added these into my daily warmup/cool down routine and started seeing results right away. The exercises are not high intensity but require a large amount of concentration and focus. I noticed my core activating more which took pressure and stress off my hips and back. My mobility improved and soreness disappeared. It was great to see the improvements over the weeks, and also seeing new connectivity to muscles. Natasha is very good at modifying programs for each individual based on there needs. I would highly recommend her to any athlete, especially hockey players.

Austin Fyten

Crimmitschau ice pirates (del 2)


Having worked with Natasha for the past two Summers, I have gotten to know her and her work very well. Natasha takes a lot of pride in her work and pays attention to the smallest of details that may help a client have the optimum amount of success in their craft. She has a huge influence on everyone she works with and shows the care and passion for her work.

Jaret Anderson Dolan

Ontario reign (AHL)


Before I started working with Natasha, my hips and lower back were extremely tight which was inhibiting my performance in both on and off ice training. After the very first session with her, I noticed a huge difference. The exercises we did together were quite different from the stretches I had been previously using for my hips, and they helped tremendously. I noticed that after doing the daily routine that Natasha personalized for me, the tightness in my hips and lower back went away and did not comeback near as quickly compared to before. We have continued doing weekly sessions along with different daily stretches and exercises. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my overall tightness and it has given me the ability to continue to progress in the gym and on the ice.

Tyler Wong

Chicago Wolves (AHL)


The hockey season is long and very hard on the body. The past couple off seasons I have worked with Natasha on multiple issues. From chronic pain, to lingering pain from previous injuries that I got from working out or skating during the off season. Natasha has helped me with lower back pain, rehabilitating a torn groin, and many other small imbalances that were causing me trouble in the gym and on the ice. Natasha is great at listening to exactly what an athlete needs and wants. She then formulates a plan specific to each injury or other sorts of imbalances an athlete may have. At the higher levels of competition, the gap between skill becomes very small and it is the small details that separates players. Natasha focuses on all of the details each individual athletes’ body require. Natasha has helped me feel faster and stronger on the ice through corrections in the gym. I believe Natasha has provided me with the best opportunity to succeed not only at training camp but all throughout the season by following the program she has laid out for me. Having a person like Natasha who can give me an edge over athletes is very rare and I recommend her to anyone trying to get a step up on other athletes.

Cole Ully

Utah Grizzlies (ECHL)


Working with Natasha, I learned how to use muscles I didn’t know how to engage before.

Before I started working with Natasha, I suffered low back pain.  Natasha taught me some new techniques to help PREVENT my back pain. After working together, I was able to complete a full workout without any pain.  As well, I didn’t have any pain the next days. 

Tommy Lee

Chilliwack Chiefs (BCHL) 2018 RBC Cup Champions


Natasha Wilson is an exceptional professional in the world of sports performance. Her knowledge and professionalism sets her apart from the cookie cutter trainers and therapists that claim to be experts. I have referred countless clients to her and have always been impressed at what her eye can see and how she approaches their needs with precision and enthusiasm. Natasha is a game changer in the world of performance enhancement. I truly feel there is no one doing what she does, as well as she does it. I have worked with Natasha on multiple cases with professional and Olympic athletes. Her knowledge and skill set with hockey players is exceptional. She will tailor their programs to not only the athlete’s biomechanics needs, but will also structure these programs depending on what part of the season they are in which is a rarity in this field. I have yet to find someone with such a keen knowledge of hockey mechanics and core functionality.

Kim PIttis

Performance Therapist, Director OF FSM Sports


Pilates sessions with Natasha were high quality for recovery and mobility, especially when we had them mid-week during the Summer training months. The sessions were great for core stability as well as precise muscle activation, which can get skipped in high intensity workouts. I found the foam roller exercises to be particularly helpful for releasing lower back strain and tightness. 

Natasha has a great forward thinking outlook on exercises and is always finding new ways to improve body mobility and recovery. 

Cole McKechney



Natasha’s sessions are the perfect blend of core, balance and mobility. I was first introduced to them through the Duckett Performance Centre at the Edge School. 

It has been extremely influential for my Summer training, isolating different sets of muscles not normally recognized by hockey players. Not only has it dramatically increased my core strength, but helps minimize the wear and tear on my body throughout the upcoming season. 

Josh McKechney

Colgate University (NCAA)