Our Team

Natasha Wilson

Creator of Hockey Performance and Recovery System – Natasha holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology (2012) and Diploma in Pilates instruction (2014). During University, Natasha began working with Crash Conditioning where she stayed on as staff for 3 years. After seeing the chronic issues that plagued hockey players and a neural disconnect for the players between rehabilitation and strength training, she sought to find methods of creating a program encompassing injury recovery, injury prevention and sustainability for players. 

It was then that her research led her to the Pilates Method. 

Natasha earned a Diploma in Pilates from the only vocationally licensed Pilates school in Canada, the Embody School of Pilates. She is also Pilates Board Certified with the Pilates Method Alliance. Natasha studied and worked specifically in “Clinical Pilates” for 1.5 years and continues to work closely with internationally recognized strength coaches and therapists.

Natasha has over 10 years of experience working with hockey players from the minor to professional league. She has developed a deep understanding of the injuries that plague unprepared athletes and specializes in teaching players how to prevent them.

Natasha opened her own studio in Calgary, Alberta in 2015 where she has worked with athletes from the National Hockey League, American Hockey League, Western Hockey League, Canadian Football League and various Olympic athletes. For the past 5 years, Natasha has created and run the Duckett Performance Centre’s Hockey Recovery Program.

 She continues to specialize to the demands of athletes, working with Winsport, the Edge/Duckett Performance Centre, and competitive gymnastic facilities. 


Natasha created Hockey Performance and Recovery to focus on the body-mind balance both on and off the ice. Her goal is to optimize the effectiveness, proficiency and safety of each athlete and keep them as high functioning as possible. Our movement method optimizes mobility and stability together, encompassing sports specific pre-habilitation and rehabilitation in one program – saving time, money and the longevity of players.

Our copyrighted program has been used on players from the NHL, AHL, WHL, BCHL and NCAA.