About US

Correction. Prevention. Performance.

Athlete Performance & Recovery is the premiere movement therapy program that focuses on correcting compensation patterns and imbalances in athletes. At the intersection of strength therapy and traditional therapy, APR has evolved to not only protect high-level athletes from preventable harm, but to guide them towards even greater success.

The APR Mission:

  • Optimize Athlete Performance
  • Improve Longevity and Sustainability of Athletes
  • Decrease risk of Injury
  • Decrease recovery time

The APR Vision

APR will bolster an athletes’ performance and lift them from great to outstanding by correcting compensation patterns, imbalances, vulnerabilities and bridging the connection between mind and muscle.

How does APR make the difference?

Correcting compensation/weak patterns and vulnerabilities through neuromuscular training and re-patterning.

  • More specialized the athlete = More compensation patterns
  • Elite athletes can push through the strength demands of most exercises – however, their body will take the "path of least resistance" which is often an inefficient or misaligned path which leads to overuse injuries
  • APR teaches athletes how to create balance, alignment and develop full-body uniform strength so that athletic stresses DO NOT result in injury or weakness