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The premier movement therapy program for correcting compensation patterns & imbalances in athletes.​

Athlete Performance & Recovery provides the best method to protect players, teams, and athletes. 


Correction, prevention, and performance improves to keep players on the ice.

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With customizable contracts & training schedules, we come TO your team with professional equipment and years of experience.

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With my experience working with Natasha I noticed huge improvements with my hips and back. Before working with her I consistently struggled with tight hip flexors and lower back stiffness. After doing her exercises on a consistent basis I noticed vast improvements. I added these into my daily warmup/cool down routine and started seeing results right away. The exercises are not high intensity but require a large amount of concentration and focus. I noticed my core activating more which took pressure and stress off my hips and back. My mobility improved and soreness disappeared. It was great to see the improvements over the weeks, and also seeing new connectivity to muscles. Natasha is very good at modifying programs for each individual based on their needs. I would highly recommend her to any athlete, especially hockey players.

Austin Fyten

Providence Bruins (AHL)